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Since 2015, Jos & Fine has led Kashmir's craft sector revival, specializing in Pashmina Cashmere, Hand Knotted Carpets and Crewel. 

Our craft pieces grace palaces, luxury hotels, and private residences worldwide.


At the heart of Jos & Fine's  DNA, lies an unwavering commitment to excellence, and to preserving and celebrating the timeless craftsmanship of Kashmir.

Each rare specimen offered is handmade exclusively by either a grandmaster, a state/national award winner or a revered Shilp Guru.

A Timeline of Jos & Fine

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Heritage carried over Generations



Founded by Aaditya (Adi) Kitroo, a native Kashmiri from northern India and Safia Igranaissi, a French lady, in 2015 over a drink at the Herengracht in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

To revive & re-organise the oldest shawl crafting industry of the world, led the French lady moving back to France, the center-stage for global fashion and the Kashmiri gentleman back to his native Himalayan valley.

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Joséphine de Beauharnais, the first fashion icon of the post-Renaissance era and the Empress of France, propelled the Kashmir shawl beyond India's shores to the Western world.

She amassed over 400 masterpieces in her lifetime, elevated the Kashmir shawl to unparalleled prominence among royalty and aristocracy across the Western world, from the Loire Valley in France to the Urals mountains in Russia.

In 2016, when we embarked on our journey, we named ourselves Jos-et-fine (French pronunciation: Jos-e-pheene), paying homage to the remarkable lady who deeply inspired us.


Jos & Fine embodies innovation and intricacy, crafting the finest Pashmina Cashmere in 2018 at an unprecedented 12.5 microns. Her artisans revive heritage techniques, adorning hand-embroidered crewel wall hangings and intricately woven Kani shawls with over 350 Kanis per meter. She innovates with noble materials like 24K gold, infusing luxury into her hand-knotted carpets. Excellence is not just a goal but the guiding principle at Jos & Fine.

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Aaditya (Adi) Kitroo, born in Kashmir, spent most of his childhood away, vsiting only for summer holidays. During these travels, he accompanied his father, who managed KraftWerk Oriental, a leading handmade carpets and rugs export company employing over 500 artisans at its zenith. The company eventually succumbed to machine-made imitations of Kashmiri designs.


Though Adi never lived in Kashmir, his heart belonged there. With a deep connection to its ancient crafts, he felt called to immerse himself in Kashmiri culture.


In 2016, after earning his MBA in Europe, he returned to establish Jos & Fine, aiming to revive Kashmir's crafts with the exquisite detail that made them world-renowned. The rest, as they say, is history.

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