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Carving Symphonies

Creating a realm of timeless allure with masterful artistry, using only a hammer and chisel.

1.) Handpicked wood grains

With a discerning eye, we meticulously select the perfect walnut wood, adorned by the most captivating grains, to hand carve our masterpieces of unrivaled beauty and elegance.

Walnut Wood Carving Naqsha.jpg

2.) Artfully tracing timeless designs

Before the delicate hand-carving commences, we meticulously breathe life into captivating designs, intricately tracing them onto the exquisite walnut wood, ensuring that each masterpiece bears the essence of artistry and elegance.

3.) Marrying tradition and mastery

Our master craftsmen embrace the walnut wood's beauty, meticulously hand carving intricate objects using traditional tools, with each piece unfolding a compelling narrative of artistic expression and dedication.

Kashmir Walnut Wood Carving Ghulam Dar.jpg

4.) The final finish

The crowning touch in the crafting process, our master craftsmen devote unwavering care to hand polish every hand-carved walnut wood object, skillfully accentuating the wood's inherent splendor, and imparting the object its resplendent final finish, a testament to Jos and Fine's commitment to excellence.

Walnut Wood Art Ghulam Nabi Dar.jpg
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