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Hand Painting Stories

Welcome to the realm of hand-painted paper mache and wooden artifacts from the Jos and Fine collection. Each piece embodies the epitome of Kashmiri craftsmanship, boasting a rare level of refinement.

Paper Mache Kashmir Sakhta Saazi.jpg

1.) Shaping & Sculpting
(Sakhtha Saazi)

The item destined for painting undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, either sculpted from wood or painstakingly crafted through the paper mache process by skilled artisans. Emphasizing the significance of the base's finish, the surface undergoes a series of delicate sanding phases.

2.) Brushstroke Brilliance

Artisanal mastery emerges as brushes of various sizes breathe life onto wood and paper mache treasures. From decorative boxes to coasters and wall hangings, each stroke tells a tale—a vibrant summer flower motif or the enchanting Sonmarg design, echoing the blossoms of Kashmir.

Paper Mache Art in Progress.jpg
Paper Mache Gold Gilt Box.jpg
Paper Mache Gold Box Jos and Fine.jpg

3.) The final finish

Unlike typical paper mache products, which undergo 2-4 layers of varnish and buffing, Jos & Fine's creations receive an unparalleled treatment of 6 to 10 layers, culminating in a resplendent and luxuriously smooth finish that is distinctly their own.

Paper Mache Kashmiri Boxes.jpg
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