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Crafting Perfection
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Exemplary Workmanship & Delicate Touches

With our simplest hand knotted carpets starting out at a remarkable 400 knots per square inch, each hand crafted carpet is a treasured heirloom.

The finest fiber to the delicate touch

Embrace the epitome of hand weaving and artisanal mastery with our handwoven Pashmina shawls, meticulously crafted by human hands using the finest materials, where each design intricately weaves stories into every exquisite piece.

Symphonies carved in walnut wood

Embark on an artistic journey of unparalleled elegance with our handcrafted walnut wood objects, where the finesse of human craftsmanship meets museum-grade perfection.

Painting emotions on objects

The master Naqashi artists paint the most intricate patterns, motifs, florals and other stories.


Browse our collection of fine and museum-grade papier mache objects from decoration boxes to office table paraphernalia and more. 

Our Newest Pieces crafted

Our Legacy

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Carriers of a


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Expertly Handcrafted


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Our soul lies in


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Discover the world of custom made handknotted carpets, Pashmina shawls and more.

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