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Weaving Stories to Life


Our design process is an exquisite fusion of in-house creativity, drawing inspiration from the opulent Mughal era carpets to contemporary insights bestowed by renowned interior designers. These inspirations undergo a meticulous metamorphosis into a 'taleem,' a sophisticated mathematical language of the loom, where the warp and weft intertwine to narrate intricate tales.

GI Kashmiri Carpet Code Taleem.jpg
Silk Yarn for Kashmiri Carpets.jpg


After the design render, skeins of carpet yarn, whether composed of silk or Pashmina Cashmere, undergo precise grammetric measurement. Subsequently, these strands are meticulously hand-dyed, assuming a diverse array of hues and tones that will constitute the vibrant palette of the intricately hand-knotted Kashmiri carpet.


Employing time-honored techniques, we meticulously dye an extensive spectrum, surpassing 400 distinctive colours and tones.


In the realm of hand-knotted carpets, the weaving process stands as a testament to unparalleled precision and a genuine labor of love. It is here that the DNA of an oriental carpet emerges.


Our artisans engage in some of the most intricate weaving techniques globally, with knotting densities commencing at an impressive 400 knots per square inch and scaling the pinnacle at an astounding 1600 knots per square inch.

Kal Bafi Carpet Weaving Kashmir.jpg


The culminating stage encompasses the meticulous manual shaving of the carpet surface, tailoring the pile to its optimal height. This artful process unveils the inherent beauty of motifs and imparts a sublime texture and feel to the final product. Executed with precision, our craftsmen rely solely on their expertise, eschewing measurement devices.


Following this, a comprehensive final wash is administered before the hand knotted Kashmiri carpet finds its place within the Jos and Fine warehouse.

Lotus Motif Silk Kashmiri Carpet.jpg
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