Shahi Sozni Palla Shawl

Reference: SZP01

SIlk Sozni Kashmir Pashmina

Inspired by the late 1800s Kashmir Paisley shawls worn by European royalty such as Empress Josephine of France, the paisleys (butas) are a modern rendition of the late 1800s shawls that one sees in museums with the same level of workmanship

The floras ........ while the outer border or kingris feature rows of cypress trees 


Fiber: 100% Pashmina Cashmere. Changthangi Grade-A at ~13.5 microns.

Shawl: Hand-spun yarn hand-woven into a 40" x 80" shawl. Craft time of 25 days.

Embroidery: Fine silk threads used for hand-embroidery. Craft time of 6 months.

Intricacy: Over 800 hand-stitches per square inch. 

Origin: Kashmir, India.

Priced at ₹1,49,500/- ($2,040)

Making of the masterpiece
1.) The genesis

Jos&fine located the original wooden design trace of a 120 year old, very intricate paisley shawl and decided the redo the motif in 2020 - a challenge for such fine embroideries do not exist anymore. 

The initial sampling came out good 

Step 2: Rangbast & embroidery

"Rangbast" or colour palette selection is sone at this stage. Two or three combinations are embroidered as samples on small sections of the shawl for the client to choose from. Any modification at this stage on possible.

3.) And it is complete
Kashmir Pashmina Sozni Palla.jpg