SIlk Sozni Kashmir Pashmina

Shawl Making

Project Legacy

Crafting museum-grade pieces in 2021

Our craft revival initiative wherein we create the most intricate Kashmir shawls made in decades, be it embroidered masterpieces or exquisite woven (Kani) shawls.

We re-create the same level of detail and workmanship as one sees in museums.

The making of a masterpiece

1.) Motif Conceptualisation

Kashmir Pashmina Sozni.jpg

2.) The colour pallette

Kashmir Shawl Silk Sozni Hand Embroidery.jpg

3.) Craft-in-progress

Kashmir Shawl Palla Cashmere.jpg
Antique Kashmir Pashmina Shawl Redone.jpg
Sozni Kashmir Shawl Embroidery.jpg
Kashmir Shawl Silk Sozni Jamawar Border.jpg
Kashmir Sozni Shawl GI Pashmina.jpg

4.) The complete masterpiece

Kashmir Pashmina Sozni Palla Authentic.jpg
Kashmir Pashmina Cashmere Shawl.png
Kashmir Pashmina GI Silk Sozni.jpg

The Kashmir shawls we craft


Kalamkari Pashmina Kashmir Shawl.jpeg

Hand-painted and then hand-embroidered, these pieces tell a story: be it a night of entertainment at a court or the journey of a caravan across the desert.

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Sufiyana Sozni Shawl.jpeg

The most intricate hand-embroidery carried out on Cashmere, or any other fabric for that matter. Most of our pieces require a magnifying glass to reveal fine details.

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Mughal florals to vines inspired by the tree of life, we craft Kani woven (twill-tapestry) Kashmir Pashmina shawls with detailing akin to the famous Kashmir shawls of yore.

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Copper Tilla Kashmir Pashmina Shawl.jpeg

Be it gold, silver, a precious metal plating or copper; at Jos&fine one finds the highest degree of finish in Tilla embroidery carried out in the world today.

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