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We founded Jos&fine in 2015 with the aim of reviving the dying craft of the Kashmir shawl and bringing it onto the global stage. Our name is a reference to the Empress Josephine de Beauharnais. Regarded by many as the first fashion icon of the modern age, Josephine collected hundreds of Kashmir shawls throughout her life, resulting in cashmere becoming a fabric of royalty and the aristocracy; a fabric that travelled the seas on ships and across continents on horseback, in order to reach its European clientele.


Throughout the 20th century, the only luxury fabric to be named after its place of origin, slowly started to lose its identity due to increasing industrialization. From the mass breeding of Cashmere goats in northern China and Mongolia, to the excessive number of mills and processing centres across the globe, the commercialization of Cashmere caused the fashion world to slowly lose track of the original shawl that had been stealing the hearts of ladies over the centuries.

The real Cashmere shawl, crafted from the very finest and rarest strain of Himalayan Cashmere, and processed from raw fibre into the most exotic and softest woolen fabric known to mankind, once the subject of novels was no more.


The finest fabric in the world should not go extinct, and we decided to make sure it does not.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy stands upon the pillars of excellence, heritage and sustainability. We only use the finest and rarest strains of luxury natural fibres : Himalayan Pashmina for cashmere and Ultra-fine Australian Merino for wool. Each meter is woven and finished by hand using time-honoured processes resulting in unique weaves and patterns of supreme quality. Our craftsmen and women are generational artisans with an average experience of 16 years and belong to communities that are primarily born into the craft. Our products are crafted in an environmentally friendly manner and have a positive social impact on communities involved. From the fibre that is obtained from animals in a cruelty-free manner to the low-footprint production mechanism, the fabrics are sustainable. We are one of the few manufacturers that can still even craft 100% handmade Cashmere fabrics in their purest form with a zero electricity and a zero water footprint – the most sustainable Cashmere in the world.

Our founders

Two individuals with a solid background in the luxury textiles industry were looking for a new challenge when they first discussed the idea of Jos&fine in 2014 at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. 

​To revive & re-organise the oldest shawl crafting industry of the world, led the French lady moving back to France, the center-stage for global fashion and the Kashmiri gentleman back to his native Himalayan valley. 

Safia Igranaissi

Born and raised in France, Safia has worked over the years in marketing luxury textiles. A Masters from the Ecole Superior de Pau, she has a passion for handcrafted luxury goods. Her French "attention to detail" sets the standard for quality at Jos&fine. She is the link between the workshops in the east and the clients in the west.

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Aaditya Kitroo

Born in the valley of Kashmir and raised in the plains of mainland India, he is a technical guru on Cashmere and its artisanal processing. An MBA from Europe's Rotterdam School of Management, he hunts for the rarest Cashmere strains during the summer and the rest of the year at workshops across Kashmir. 

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