The Mehfil Shawl

A Kalamkari masterpiece. "Kalam" translates to a pen and "Kari" means an art.

Comissioned by an Indian-origin American, we decided to hand-paint and hand-embroider a "Mehfil" or an evening of song and dance on a large 1.5 meter by 3 meter gentleman's shawl.

The fine details

Kalamkari Pashmina Detail.jpg

The soul

Bringing life into the figures

From wrinkles and folds painted and then hand-embroidered onto the costume of the figures to the stitch pattern made to replicate the fall of human hair, acute attention to detail was carried out ensuring a soul to the shawl. 


A meditative work of art

Hand embroidery was carried out with such precision so much so, that upon magnification, one finds very few gaps between a row of stitches presented here by the fruit platter of the Maharaja. 

Kalamkari Fine Embroidery.jpg


Bringing life into the figures

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The bottom one-third of the shawl. The upper one-third is a mirror image.

Embroidery Kalamkari Pashmina Shawl.jpeg

A close-up of the Pallus (end borders on the shorter side). Remarkable finish in the hand-embroidery.

Kalamkari Hand Embroidery Pashmina Shawl

Hand-embroidered details in the dome of the Diwan-e-Khaas (hall of the nobles)


Spectators and the court dancer

Copy of 20200122155512_IMG_8150-01.jpeg

Cross-section photograph of the shawl

5 months to complete

(2 artisans with 5 months each in Maharaja size)

Hand-painted & hand-embroidered

Priced at INR 2,45,000 ($3,475) for a Maharaja size (54" by 108")

Priced at INR 1,40,000 ($1,995) for a Maharani size (40" x 80")