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Sustainability & artisan welfare

Social impact is a driving force behind Jos&fine. From the Himalayan nomads who rear the Pashmina goats to our craftsmen and women in Srinagar, each partner and employee is treated with the respect they deserve and with the intent to bring dignity back to the craft. By choosing to revive artisanal processes such as hand carding and hand spinning, we have been able to create products that have a minimal environmental footprint. We are proud to provide employment to women in the conflict torn Kashmir valley and to offer training for the next generation of artisans.


Our craftsmen and women are amongst the best paid in the industry. From the cruelty-free combing of the Pashmina goats to the final washing of the fabric in the Himalayan mountain streams, we at Jos&fine ensure that traditional processes are ethically maintained. Entirely made by hand, our products are some of the most environment friendly luxury fabrics in the world. 


Social impact


Jos&fine collaborated with Oxfam India and renowned young Indian designers to conduct the LetsGive4Love charity sale and fundraiser with 100% of the proceeds going into the fight against COVID-19, by helping feed stranded migrant workers in need, post the nation-wide lockdown.

The campaign gathered much traction and was featured in Bazar, Elle and Luxury Asia among other outlets.

In the end, 40,000 meal kits were distributed to stranded migrant workers in India’s capital Delhi and in the state of Bihar.

COVID-19 Relief efforts

In its social responsibility to contribute in non-commercial ways to help rebuild communities in Kashmir, where mental trauma is common owing to decades of violence, Jos&fine actively sponsors events related to mental illnesses, with local partners such as the White Globe Foundation.

Jos&fine is determined to do the best it can in the field of mental illnesses and trauma counselling in Kashmir. The company is open to further collaborations with reputed NGOs and individuals active in Kashmir.

Holding hands in Kashmir

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