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Our Cashmere

Cashmere is simply the old Anglo spelling for Kashmir - the place where the noble fibre was first woven into fabric and where the finest yards of it are still woven. Kashmir, the beautiful Himalayan valley far from the world's fashion map but the source of its gossamer loveliness. 

01 our cashmere

The world's rarest and finest lots of Cashmere from from the Changthang plateau that stretches from western Tibet to Ladakh in the Kashmir region. They constitute a mere 0.1% of the global Cashmere clip.

While the finest Cashmere used by most global luxury brands stands at around 15.5 microns, we, through our commitment to excellence and as a niche player in the industry, primarily use 13-13.8 micron Cashmere while also holding the record for the finest Cashmere sourced from the Himalayas at 12.5 microns.

Pashmina Cashmere Fiber
Pashmina Cashmere Goats 1
White Cashmere Pashmina Fiber
Pashmina Cashmere Fiber
Pashmina Cashmere Yarns
Changthangi Pashmina Goats

02 cashmere shawls

Whether you'd like cashmere scarfs as solids, striped, checks or ikat - we craft them all. Any customisation in size, weaves and textures is possible, and so are prints. Expand your creativity and let us take care of the production. 

We weave with yarns of fineness ranging from 100/2nm to 180/2nm - you can pick and choose the weight and thickness. 

03 embroidered, woven & hand-painted shawls

You may pick-and-choose from stock or have designs made suited to your collection.

Whether is Sozni, Satin or Tilla embroideries or hand-woven Kani (twill-tapestry) shawls, we offer ready to ship stock. If you have any particular colours or patterns you'd like to experiment with - we would love to sample it and help bring your collection to life!

We enjoy crafting exotic Kashmir shawls - be it embroidering each square inch of one or simply painting a Mughal court scene on another.

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