A new beginning!

Our online store launches this fall...

Since 2015, Jos&fine has set new standards in the Cashmere industry. 

From creating the finest handwoven Cashmere fabric ever recorded in 2018 to innovating and supplying the rarest and finest fabrics to designers and brands across continents.

Coming soon online with our very first 'direct to customers' collection.

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What's in store?

Handwoven Kashmir Pashmina Stole.jpg

Contemporary & Home

Timeless designs in Cashmere scarfs, shawls and home accessories such as throws - all handmade using exceptional fibres in our workshops in Kashmir.

Handwoven Kashmir Pashmina Stole.jpg

Exotic Masterpieces

From hand-embroidered and hand-painted shawls showcasing a court scene, to modern interpretations of Mughal motifs in woven (Kani) shawls all the way to detailing so fine in some pieces requiring a magnifying glass.

Antique Restoration

An inherited family heirloom, a Kashmir shawl from an auction or a piece that you love, we'll restore it to almost mint condition using our knowledge, expertise and know-how in Raffugari, the ancient art of Kashmir shawl restoration passed down since generations.

Antique Kani Kashmir Shawl.jpeg