Pashmina - The finest Cashmere

The most premium lots of Cashmere come from select locations discovered by Jos&fine in the icy Himalayan plateau of the Changthang, that spans across western Tibet through Ladakh in the Kashmir region, where Jos&fine has privileged and personal relationships with heads of the Changpa tribe - the nomadic Buddhist goatherders who breed the Pashmina goats. Jos&fine sources the world's rarest lots of Pashmina - the finest grade of Cashmere. While the best traditional Cashmere measures at around 15 microns in fibre fineness; Jos&fine, through its commitment to excellence, holds the record for the finest lots of Pashmina fibre ever tested in the Kashmir region at ~12.5 microns.

In order to survive the harsh winters with temperatures falling to -40 degrees celcius,  and the torrid summers, the Pashmina goats have developed a soft undercoat beneath the rough outer coat. During early summer, the fleece is gently combed through a cruelty-free process ensuring no harm to the goat and avoiding breakage of fibres. Each goat yields around only 80 grams of pure Pashmina Cashmere, making this fibre ever more precious.