Makers of the finest handcrafted Pashmina Cashmere fabrics ever recorded

Jos&fine is a quest of finding and hand crafting, the rarest and finest cashmere, into beautiful and timeless scarves, throws and accessories.   

It's a unique combination of the French sense of detail and design; and the ancient, perfected craftsmanship of Kashmir, home to the world's oldest shawl making industry.

Jos&fine is the only purveyor of Pashmina Cashmere with a global DNA. Our soul is French while our heart lies in Kashmir. The company ethos and design philosophy evolves out of its studio and office in France, while the craftsmanship and excellence of its products is realised through the operational headquarters and team in Kashmir. 

Operating at the upper end of the luxury spectrum, Jos&fine produces a range of handcrafted Pashmina Cashmere products ranging from classic scarfs to large blankets for niche boutique stores and ethical luxury brands across the globe. 


Jos&fine is launching its very own in-house collection under the label 'Jos&fine' itself. Pieces from the collection will be available via an e-store and at select exclusive boutiques.

Follow Jos&fine's journey of excellence on Instagram @ josetfine