Crafted in Kashmir - The birthplace of Cashmere

Kashmir is the home to the world's oldest shawl making industry, and that of Cashmere itself. It's the only place where craftsmen and women can process exotic fibres into supremely fine fabrics manually using ancient tools. Jos&fine's craftsmen and women have been carefully selected, have over a decade of craftsmanship experience on average and are amongst the most respected in Kashmir.

From raw cashmere in the wool store to the perfected garment on the showroom floor, Jos&fine's products are crafted entirely by hand, using time-honoured techniques.  It's one of the handful of companies that employs painstaking traditional processes from de-hairing of raw cashmere to slowly hand-spinning yarn, all the way to the final washing of the fabric in the Himalayan mountain streams, ensuring that the Pashmina Cashmere fibre retains its natural softness and the resulting fabric lasts decades. 

Through systematic research and a comittment to pure excellence, Jos&fine has set new standards in the ancient craft such as being the first and only company to consistently hand-spin Pashmina Cashmere to an extraordinarily fine yarn counts of 175/2 nm (over 175 kilometers of yarn from 1 kilo of Cashmere), resulting in hand-crafted fabrics of supreme quality for the most discerning of clients.