Corporate Gifting - Exclusive tokens of appreciation

Truly personal gifts to remember

The pleasure of giving a Jos&fine gift is extended to businesses with the corporate gifting service.

Businesses can choose from an array of products such as handcrafted throws, blankets and shawls; and apply various customisation options to the products, making them an ideal gift for partners, clients, directors, suppliers, investors and journalists.

The products are all made to order as per specifications of the client and are available in options to satisfy individual budget and taste.

Apart from customisations such as embroidering the recipient’s initials, crafting the pieces with the ‘company colours’ or creating designs and associated prints unique to a commemorative occasion or the company logo; the crafting process from choosing the fibre to the method of hand-weaving the product may also be chosen.

The process is bespoke and Jos&fine executes the entire design process starting from understanding the client’s emotions, budget and timelines; to creating the final colour schemes and sketches, before crafting the pieces.

An option to produce customised packaging including boxes, hand-tags and labels is also available, making the gifts truly personal.

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